Laura's Baby Shower - Los Gatos - 062213

June 24, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Laura contacted me in May to cover her baby shower event this past weekend on Saturday, June 22. She was born and raised in Santa Clara, but currently is living in San Diego with her husband. Her husband is serving in the NAVY and he is stationed in San Diego. 

Laura's mom decided to host the baby shower in Los Gatos since most of the family and friends are still in the Bay Area. The venue she chose was California Cafe, located in Los Gatos old downtown area. She did all the table decorations and she did this amazing job to turn this plain looking room into a lively room scented by the color pink.  (This is Laura's first baby and it's a girl). 
There were about 50 guests and all of them were very close to each other. They told stories, they had a nice 3-course brunch, and they shared baby gifts. The event lasted about 3 hours and there was no down time at all. The room was filled with memories, stories, and laughter.  
All in all it was an fabulous event and it was both an exciting and humbled experience for me to be able to capture the event's story.


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