Cliff Mautner Lighting And Skillset Bootcamp

May 13, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Last week I had a chance to attend Cliff Mautner's Lighting and Skillset Bootcamp. This 3-day workshop was held in his studio at Haddonfield, New Jersey.

A little info on Cliff.

Cliff has about 30 years of experience as professional photographer - 17 of those in photojournalism. He has about 850 weddings under his belt. American PHOTO magazine calls Cliff as "one of the top ten wedding photographers in the world". He's also a WPPI grand award winner for photojournalism. If you need more info on him, Google his name and you will find no trouble getting his information.

The 3-day workshop covers shooting indoor and outdoor locations, business information, wedding workflow (from client interaction until album delivery), and on the last day we had a session with Noelle (Cliff's studio manager) to discuss post processing, and album design. Cliff also shows us a lot of his favorite pictures and he explains to us how he sets up some of the shots and stresses again how important it is to know your camera thoroughly so you can react at a moments notice and not miss these crucial shots.

Overall, this bootcamp definitely supersedes my initial expectation. I'm getting so much knowledge, not only on the technical part, and the business side, but also on his train of thoughts when he approaches a scene and shoots a wedding from  top to bottom. That information is really beneficial when it's coming from someone who has a massive experience in the industry like he is.

During this bootcamp, Cliff is really an open book. He shares all of his 'secrets' and there's no question goes unanswered.

Below are some samples of the pictures I took during the bootcamp.


Here's Cliff with the models:


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